Dr Ben Jennings

Lecturer in Archaeology

Ben completed his bachelor's degree in archaeology at the University of Wales Lampeter, where he developed an interest in maritime archaeology, leading to his subsequent masters degree in maritime archaeology and history at Bristol University. Here he met Professor Francesco Menotti, and assisted on his underwater excavations of a pile-dwelling at Lake Luokesas, Lithuania. After graduating from Bristol, Ben worked as a commercial archaeologist on various projects in the Midlands, southern England, and Wales, before working on the Newport Medieval Ship Project.

When the opportunity arose to undertake his PhD, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), on lake-dwellings and exchange systems during the Bronze Age, Ben moved to Switzerland to complete this research. Following award of his PhD, Ben continued as a post-doc researcher on an expansion project, again funded by the SNF, with the aim of identifying the potential for applying network analysis techniques to Bronze Age lake-dwelling and terrestrial sites in Switzerland.