Samuel Harris

PhD Candidate in Archaeological Sciences

Sam completed his BSc in Archaeological Sciences in 2012. Through the placement year which the University of Bradford offered he was able to spend time at Lancaster University developing his interests in archaeomagnetism and palaeomagnetism. This led to two years employment as a research technician working on a variety of projects ranging from investigating the polarity of the geomagnetic field during the Ordovician and Silurian epochs to assisting supervision of archaeomagnetic dating contracts.

Deciding to return to archaeology he undertook the Archaeological Sciences MSc at the University of Bradford which he completed in 2015. Geomagnetism and its applications to archaeological questions have always formed part of his research interests, even from his undergraduate dissertation. The PhD project he is currently working on is entitled, "Developing Archaeomagnetic Dating for the Scottish Neolithic" and is looking at improving the dating method for this period.

Other research interests include: the application of archaeomagnetism to vitrified material (hillforts), recent polarity changes and uses for early hominid chronologies, and secular variation building to define past geomagnetic field changes.