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Dr Sherry Nakhaeizadeh
University College London

The effect of Cognitive bias within Forensic Science: An introduction to Cognitive Decision-making in Forensic Anthropology

The central role of human cognition in forensic science and its effect on the interpretation of forensic evidence is being increasingly recognised within the forensic disciplines. This has, in recent years, lead to an increase in research that has revealed the potential for cognitive biases and interpretation issues within numerous forensic fields. This presentation will give an introduction to cognitive bias and judgment and decision-making, and how it’s related to forensic science and criminal investigations broadly and forensic anthropology specifically. The presentation will cover current research within the field of ‘cognitive forensics’ as well as draw upon forensic cases where cognitive biases have been identified. In addition the presentation will also cover the current debate with regards to proposed solutions in how to mitigate cognitive bias effects on the interpretation of evidence and crime reconstruction.


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