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Dr Laurance John Donnelly
BSc (Hons), PhD, CGeol, CSci, EurGeol, FGS, FGSA
University of Nottingham

Forensic Geology is the application of geology to police and criminal

Geological (trace) evidence involves the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and explanation of geological evidence. This includes; rock fragments, soils and sediments, which occur naturally on the ground, artificial (anthropogenic) man-made materials derived from geological raw materials (such as bricks, concrete, glass or plaster board), or micro-fossils.
These may be transferred onto a body, person or the clothing of a victim or offender. This evidence may then be used to see if there could be an association between different items or objects.
Geologists’ assist the police by searching for and locating objects buried in the ground. This includes homicide graves, weapons, firearms, improvised devises, explosives, drugs, stolen items, money, coinage and jewellery.
This lectures provides a general overview of the history and recent developments in forensic geology and how geologists’ have supported the Police with crimes including; serious sexual crimes, murders, robbery, terrorism, fakery, theft, ground searches, environmental crime and mineral and mining fraud.
This presentation draws on operational case experiences and provides information on the logistical aspects of working as a geologist with the police.

Photographs and recording are not permitted.

Laurance is a chartered geologist, chartered scientist, European Geologist and an invited fellow of the Geological Society of America. He has a first class honours degree and a PhD in geology, and 28 years’ international experiences in; mineral exploration, mining, geohazards, engineering geology and forensic geology.
He has provided operational support for numerous high profile cases and trained federal police in; UK, USA, UAE, China, Colombia, Ireland, Brazil, Sicily, Moscow, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Argentina and Australia. This has included crime scene examination, geological trace evidence analysis and the design and implementation of ground searches for graves and other burials related to; missing persons, homicide, serious organised crime and counter terrorism.
He is the founder of the Forensic Geoscience Group of the Geological Society of London and served as its first chair. He subsequently became the founder and chair of the International Union of Geological Sciences, Initiative on Forensic Geology. He is registered with the UK Police National Crime Agency (NCA) as an ‘Expert Adviser’.
He has approximately 250 publications, and has delivered over 150 guest and keynote lecture around the world, including at Westminster Place, House of Commons. He is the recipient of outstanding and recognition awards from the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy, Geological Society of London, Geological Society of America and Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science at the Ministry of Justice of Russia, in Moscow.


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