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James Neill

Putting Flesh on the Bones: Unlocking Calvin Wells Palaeopathology Archive

The ‘Putting Flesh on the Bones’ project is a Wellcome Trust funded collaboration between the University of Bradford’s Biological Anthropology Research Unit and Special Collection which aims to catalogue, digitise and make accessible the Calvin Wells Archive Collection. Recognised as the founding father of British palaeopathology Calvin Wells (1908-1978) remains one of the most prolific authors on the subject, and his work continues to be cited by researchers and academics today. Over the course of 18 months a multi-disciplinary team has worked to unlock the research potential of Wells’ archive for contemporary researchers in bio-archaeology, anthropology, the history of medicine, and more. This talk will discuss the project’s journey, potential avenues for research, and highlight some of the more strange and unusual items in the collection.


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