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The AgriChange Project (2018-2021): an interdisciplinary approach to agricultural change in the Neolithic in Western Europe

Professor Ferran Antolin
University of Basel

The current state of research suggests that Neolithic farmers decided what to grow, how, and in which amount, with a significant degree of autonomy. The AgriChange Project is focused on the NW Mediterranean area and Switzerland, putting together different lines of evidence to target the question of why and under which circumstances farmers adopted new crops or abandoned others. New research is being conducted on multiple sites, mostly located south of the Alps, integrating, when possible, archaeobotany, archaeozoology, archaeoentomology, archaeological features (storage pits), radiocarbon dates and stable isotope analyses. This presentation will put together some of the work done during the first 20 months of the project, with a focus on research done in waterlogged sites such as Isolino Virginia (N Italy) and Les Bagnoles (S France).


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