Wet Futures team expands


The Wet Futures project (www.wetfutures.eu) is expanding at the Univeristy of Bradford with the recruitment of Dr Abbi Flint.

Abbi is an archaeologist and qualitative researcher with a long-standing interest in human relationships with their environments and non-human animals. Her undergraduate studies were at the University of Sheffield, where she received the Jennifer Derwent Prize in Archaeology and went on to pursue PhD studies. Her PhD thesis developed a multi-causal model for the intensification of reindeer-herding amongst Sami communities in Northern Sweden during the Little Ice Age, with a focus on interactions between climate, ecology and culture.

Before joining the Wet Futures project, Abbi worked for 16 years as an educational researcher and consultant in Higher Education. An experienced qualitative researcher, Abbi is interested in using creative research methodologies to explore people’s perceptions of heritage and landscape and to engage them with archaeology.


University of Bradford

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