Debbie's dig at Kettlewell


Bradford doctoral student Debbie Hallam is carrying out an excavation of an unusual hut circle, hidden away in woodland close to Kettlewell. The site has revealed an intriguing combination of a sub- circular house form with an attached, possibly later rectangular building (8mx6m). A probable date for the hut circle is Romano-British/Iron Age and there are other examples in the locality; although none are known to be annexed with other structures.

The outer walls of the hut circle generally survive to one or two courses, are very thick and have been built using large limestone boulders sitting on an area of flat bedrock. Stone revetting with a kerb skirts the front of the feature which is on a slight slope. Remains of a substantial wall, which survives to around 5 courses, divides the circular structure from the rectangular one and could have seperated the domestic area from that used for animals or storage. The rectangular side may ultimately prove to be a later addition, but time constraints prevent excavation of this feature during this season.

Debbie has only two more days to complete this short dig but there has been a steady stream of very interested visitors to Scargill House asking lots of questions. The landowner is to erect an information board providing information on this University of Bradford excavation.



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