Hardcastle Crags Archaeological Field Survey


Hardcastle Crags Archaeological Field Survey
5th – 7th December 2018
Book now – 5th already full!

Come and take part in an exciting opportunity to help discover the woodland heritage of
Hardcastle Crags! We will be searching for archaeological features in the woods and
recording them professionally – the information will be really useful for the National Trust
and the Historic Environment Record.
In the past two years we have found ruined cottages, trackways, charcoal burning
platforms, quarries, walls, ancient trees and more!
Meet at Gibson Mill at 9.45am
The survey will run between 10am and 3pm
Anyone 16 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a responsible adult
Dress for the outdoors (be prepared for wet and cold weather)
Bring something to eat and drink
Booking is essential!
Please email h.m.e.lewis@bradford.ac.uk or call Hywel Lewis on 07816 585661 to
book your place
All tools and equipment required for the survey will be provided. At the beginning of each
day we will take you through a short health and safety induction, followed by a session on
how to record features. No prior experience in recording archaeological features is


Hardcastle Crags

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