A big hello to Dr Rachel Harding - the new researcher on Lost Frontiers


A big hello to Dr Rachel Harding who has just joined the Lost Frontiers project team at Bradford. Rachel is a geoscientist with 10-years’ seismic interpretation experience including a PhD from the University of Manchester (2015). Her doctoral research focused on the earliest Quaternary southern North Sea, using seismic geomorphology to understanding sea level and environmental change. It was during the PhD that Rachel developed a passion for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using geophysical and borehole data.

Rachel has also recently spent time working in the charity sector, working on engaging business and local government in climate change education.

As part of the Lost Frontiers Project, Rachel will be interpreting a range of geophysical data from the Irish Sea and North Sea aiding the reconstruction of Holocene landscapes and their subsequent marine inundation. Rachel has always had a keen interest in archaeology and recognises the importance of understanding submerged landscapes and communicating the story of their human inhabitants in a time when coastal areas of the UK are at risk of sea level rise due to climate change.

welcome Rachel – it looks like a fantastic range of research and we all look forward to hearing about the results.

More about the Lost Fronties team at https://lostfrontiers.teamapp.com/player_profiles


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