Making sweet music!


Julia Beaumont presented “ Cold case: a forensic examination of the Neolithic individuals of the Sumburgh cist” at the Spring conference of the British Association of Forensic Odontologists, Lerwick, Shetland on 26th May. This was based on the work of Julia and colleagues at Bradford and Durham culminating in a paper in Antiquity in 2013.

Combining a discussion on the recording of mass graves from sketch plans to drones and the use of 3 dimensional plotting with the osteological and isotopic analysis of the 11 commingled humans now curated in the conference venue, the Lerwick museum, the presentation linked the archaeological sites of Shetland with Forensic odontological cases.

The organiser, Chief Dental Officer Brian Chittick presented all the speakers with a specially commissioned tune, registered in their name and written and performed by local musician Pauleen Wiseman.

Julia’s tune is “the Viking bone digger” and is attached here. Click and admire!”



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